Focus: Yoga for Men

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, father of modern yoga.

Yoga was men’s domain until not long ago. Only very recently did marketing turn this powerful methodology into a lycra masquerade of willowy young females. When looking at Krisnamacharya, Iyengar or Patabhi Jois practicing Yoga we are presented with a genderless expression of grace and power.

Men’s return to Yoga at a time when the concept of masculinity is precarious at its best, and toxic at its worse, could be seen as the transcendence of false gender norms. Rooted into a strong sense of purpose and fuelled by principles of compassion and selflessness, Yoga brings many benefits to men. Enhanced flexibility, improved athletic performance, increased physical and mental power, better concentration are just a few. Adding a new dimension to wellbeing, Yoga complements all other forms of physical activity and restores men to a place of effortless identity.

Iyengar: The growth of Yoga for men in an incremental part of the growth of Yoga worldwide. Be part of it.

YogaMorphic’s Wednesday Yoga classes are specifically designed for men. With a view to increase strength and flexibility, breathwork is incorporated into postures for concentration and focus. Working the body and calming the mind these practices induce a profound sense of relaxation and lower stress.

The new term starts on Wednesday 1st November and is suitable for all levels. See website for further details.