June Newsletter

“For this first newsletter a timely principle for me is that of resilience. Synonyms include plasticity, elasticity, pliability, buoyancy.

These are qualities of our fascias and what I like is that their plasticity is based on perfect functional chaos; the maximum level of adaptability in response to the changing internal and external conditions.  

Resilience, chaos, adaptability.  How does that resonate with you?”

Posture of the month


Unprecedented Times
or Unprecedented

Music & Mental Health

Zoom Class Timetable

Dear All,

I hope you are holding on and finding new ways to stay healthy and optimistic.

This is the first of a monthly newsletter in which I will offer information on classes, discuss postures and present views and themes that are part of a larger discourse about health as an overarching concept of wellbeing and harmonious balance.

Viewpoints needn’t be validated, but may be explored to expand our understanding of our individual and the collective roles, mind and body connections, and what makes us whole. You may view them as stepping stones along your own journey and you may use them or discard them as you find fitting.

I hope the only ‘tension’ that will emerge from engaging with these topics will be the one of growth, like the seed pushing through the hard soils, to emerge into a new dimension.

Unprecedented Times or Unprecedented Opportunities

Human beings are resilient, creative, persistent.

We are co-creators, reassembling what has become disjointed and in the process trans-forming new realities.  

We are not faint-hearted. From crisis to opportunity, from survival to innovation; we change not what we do, but how we do it.

We are now faced with the option to chase a past that by its very nature is gone, or to forge a present that rests on the vision of how we will transform our relationships – to ourselves, the planet and life as a whole.

Questions arise. If a change is to be had, who will determine the trajectory?

Kindness, compassion, generosity, dedication: These are qualities that we came to appreciate during the pandemic. As new realities unfold will they resist and persist?

Are we willing to determine that our happiness and wellbeing emerge from these qualities as well as the need for community, family and friends? Are we willing to renounce the levels of stress that undermine our very own immune system? Are we willing to embrace a broader notion of health instead of the narrow path of medicalisation?Are we willing to bring into questions the very values that compromise our happiness and wellbeing?

How are we going to contribute to our communities, locally and globally, in new ways?

Krishnamurti (Freedom from the Known) states that“The primary cause of disorder in ourselves is the seeking of reality promised by another.”Our innate capability for self-agency is sustained by the refreshing clarity of creative consciousness and deeper integrity of mutual care.

To reshape our individual and collective selves and harmonise one with the other; to pursue a vision that is not informed by fear or doubt we need to clarify and hold space for our own thoughts, asserting with presence and determination principles that elevate our minds and sustain our bodies.In this first newsletter, a timely principle for me is that of resilience. Synonyms include plasticity, elasticity, pliability, buoyancy. These are qualities of our fascia, contemplate the value and meaning of resilience in other, more subtle aspects of your life.

Posture of the month: Anjaneyasana


A powerful posture that is part of the Surya Namaskar, sun salute, but can be performed individually, Anjaneyasana is preparation for Bujanghasana, cobra. It strengthens the muscles of the back and stretches the muscles of the front.  It also works the hips, legs, ankles and feet.  It tones the abdominal organs and induce balance in the nervous system. 

Good to know: Place a blanket under the knee to protect the knee joint.  

Variations: Anjaneyasana can be performed with many variations.

Arms can be raised over head to lengthen the side body. With fingers interlocked beyind the back it helps to open the chest.

Blocks can be used either side of the front knee to intensify the work on hip openers. 

Twisting in Anjaneyasana provides a deep and beneficial compression of digestive and abdominal organs and supports natural spinal rotation.

Caution: Be aware not to collapse into the lower back. With the tailbone descending (not tacking tail) and the front of the abdomen ascending, maintain some engament of the abdominal organs to lengthen and support the lumbar spine.  Use the points of contact with the ground to yield down and lift at the same time so that the whole body is bouyant and spacious.  Breathe!

Arlo Parks : Black Dog

Arlo Parks, a singer from south west London has released a new track, Black Dog. She says, “It’s supposed to make people who are struggling feel less isolated and start a conversation surrounding the prevalence of mental health issues in today’s world.”

Her words gave me pause. The pandemic has been a fertile ground for fear, confusion and even anger. At the same time, lockdown has some aspects of calm and solitude that others have found helpful in managing their mental load. So as talk of easing a lockdown progresses, I would like to see a continuing awareness mental health issues and to keep that conversation going.

A more upbeat version about (the search for) the meaning of life…

Soul Searching
by Horace Silver. Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal version

Two blocks and a belt

As we will continue practicing together but in separate spaces, you may consider acquiring two blocks and a belt. Yogamatters is a UK supplier. I am happy to do a bulk order to reduce costs and then deliver locally around Whitstable if you find that helpful.


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