Evolution In-Formation

A Yoga practice evolves through unseen small actions that build expanding capacity for growth and resilience, lead to a more consciuos, sustainable, and energised life, and enables to assert ownership of health and a sense of purpose.

When we practice we trans-form, moving from shape to shape, internally reorganising throught the invisible process of change and tracing a path of aligned action defined by ancient teachings as valid today as they were thousands years ago. Physical movement, breathing detours, refinement of attention and intention lead to course the notional place of ‘doing’ into the multidimensional experience of ‘being’.

Merging with the space of inner reflection and evolutionary discovery, we unveil the conditioning that constrict our potential and embark into a powerful journey of reunification restoring personal agengy and integrity at the many levels of our existence.

If this seems abstract, or almost impossible, ask yourself: Why are so many people taking to Yoga? And how comes that Yoga practices have survived the test of time and continue to evolve in their own right?

“Practice is the Path” says Tias Little. For there are no words to convey how deeply a dedicated yoga practise will transform perception and understanding of ourself and the world we live in. My wish is for us to journey together.


New classes commence on Monday 10th May 2021.

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…more important than the idea of discipline is what discipline is creating.”

Eddie Stern

This is me…

Inquisitive, restless, permanently seeking and still learning not to take myself too seriously! I owe my developing playfulness to the many teachers of Yoga and beyond, who roused my curiosity and kept me closer to a sense of wonder in the search for connection and integration. They taught me that the demands of evolution-centered practices require us to put asides limited beliefs and embrace the creative joy of inner freedom.

My gratitude to Swami Shantamurti, Linda Thompson, Doug Keller, Rod Stryker, Eddie Stern, Nikki Costello, Richard Freeman, Gary Carter, Mark Khan, Yogi Ashokananda, and the nameless guides whose paths I tread on.

Monica Marini

Yoga practice that empowers.

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