About YogaMorphic

“ The Study of asana is not about mastering postures. It is about using postures to understand and transform yourself.”   B K S Iyengar

“ Yoga, unlike dance or mime, is not an expression of form for others to watch.”   T. K. V. Desikachar

YogaMorphic embraces the notion of change through Yoga. When we consciously shape our body (asana) we also shape and transform our life energy (prana). When we guide our body and mind with awareness we own the process of change.

Freeing ourselves of inherited patterns of disharmony we open up to our innate capacity for transformation. YogaMorphic  offers a dynamic programme of yoga classes and workshops designed to support a strong and reflective practice for overall wellbeing.

Timetable from 14 September 2020

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YogaMorphic Timetable September 2020


Whether you’re a beginner or a more proficient practitioner, exploring yoga fundamentals will improve your practice. Working systematically through poses in ways that resonate with our own body to build stamina, health and calm.


Bring grace and strength to your day ahead with sun salutes and expansive and grounding movements for internal spaciousness.


This is a dynamic exploration of Yoga practice, mapping your physical reality through Asana and breath-centred fusion of form and flow. Sequences blend flow with steady poses, integrating clear alignment and patterns of movement with an underlying reflection on embodiment for a more empowered sense of balance and stability. This class is suitable for those already with some yoga experience.

Class Fees

Zoom Classes will cost £8 per class. You may wish to purchase a 5 class booklet for £40 or a 10 class one for £75* (* for use within three months of purchase).

In gratitude for your continuous support, you will receive a 20% discount on the first 10 classes when booked and paid for by 7 September.

YogaMorphuic classes are accessible to all. It is my wish that nothing should obstruct your journey through, and with Yoga. Donations are welcome if presently you are struggling financially.