Monica Marini

Monica’s journey: in her own words

My fascination with the body started at a very early age when I intended to become a heart surgeon! Life had other plans. Via the glamour of a career as a fashion designer and the excitement of becoming one of the early distributors of Italian Organic food in England, I came across Yoga when I was living in London.

At that time Yoga and Capoeira provided a thrilling physical experience that was challenging and very rewarding and both practices accompanied me as I travelled and worked abroad. The practice of Surya Namaskar brightened the reclusive cold months on the mountains of Central Morocco and complemented the more socialising experience of the windy beaches of Essaouira.

With motherhood came a sudden redefinition of my career objectives and as a long-time practitioner, I obtained a Yoga TT qualification in 2010 with Yogacampus, one of the leading Yoga Schools in London.

Since then, I never stopped learning and continued to study with some very inspiring teachers from around the world. My gratitude to each one of them is profound for all the knowledge they shared and for their lasting teachings.

But my favourite teachers are all the people who attend my classes. Through them and for them my reasons to learn remain strong.

With gratitude.

Doug Keller, Yoga Therapy – Gary Carter, Yoga and Movement anatomy in the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli – Julie Gudmestad, Anatomy awareness in Asana in the Iyengar tradition – Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine – Srivatsa Ramaswami, Vinyasa Krama in the tradition of Krisnamacharya – Glenn Ceresoli, Senior Iyengar teacher – Rod Stryker, Tantra Yoga in the tradition of the Himalayan Institute